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Pencil News is the fastest growing and most advanced news app in Pakistan. Ever.


Compatible with Android 4.4+

Pencil News

Content That Matters To You

Personalized newsfeeds curated by artificial intelligence tailored to your interests and preferences. Powered by pioneering machine learning and deep learning algorithms built specifically for Pakistani languages.

Leading Publishers Across Pakistan

Keep up to date with news, opinion, and culture from leading publishers and independent content creators alike, in all languages, and all in one place.

Urdu and Sindhi. Like they're supposed to be.

Beautiful na’astaliq font optimized for digital use. Transliteration powered by a proprietary engine to seamlessly type from all keyboards.

About Us

Pencil (Integrated Technology Sweden AB) is a Swedish research and technology company creating a suite of software applications targeted towards the Pakistani market, one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones globally.

Through development of pioneering tools and machine and deep learning algorithms tailored for Urdu, Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi, and Punjabi – in close collaboration with leading research centers worldwide – the company is uniquely positioned to create hitherto inaccessible digital tools for over 200 million people.

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